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¡Él es el mejor jugado y hombre y todo lo que pueda ser! ¡Es un ejemplo para todos! ¡Vean lo que ha hecho! ¡Aprendan de él! ¡A parte de practicar el hermoso deporte lo ha amado y respetado! ¡Juego limpio, humildad, sensillez, talento, un verdadero ejemplo de como debe jugarse el fútbol! ¡Klose no hay nadie como tú!

He’s the best player, man and anything else you can think about! He’s an example for everyone! See what he has done! Learn from him! Besides practicing this beautiful game he had loved it and respect it!! Fairplay, humility, simplicity and talent… A real example of how you must play football!
Miro there’s nobody like you!!! The one and only MIROSLAV KLOSE

I’m so sorry! :(

Damn! I deleted a message for accident and I couldn’t even answer it!
Sorry if I didn´t answered you, I don´t know if you are following me, I tried to find you in the Followers list but I couldn´t remember the name or the avatar… I have a terrible memory.
But, I really wanted to answer you, if you sent me a message and I didn´t answered please sent it again and I’ll answer it as soon as posible! :S

This is so embarrassing!

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